Factsheets on medical conditions relating to anaesthesia

Factsheets on medical conditions relating to anaesthesia

Read our factsheets which have been developed to provide information on a number of medical conditions and topics relating to anaesthesia.

Suxamethonium Apnoea

(Succinylcholine or Scoline Apnoea) 

Suxamethonium Apnoea Alert Card

Print and stick together back-to-back to make the card.

Malignant Hyperthermia

(Malignant Hyperpyrexia) 

Mastocytosis and Anaesthesia

This leaflet is for patients with mastocytosis who are preparing to have an anaesthetic. It will also be useful to anaesthetists and other healthcare professionals who would like an update on safe anaesthesia practice for patients with mastocytosis.

Mastocytosis is a very rare disorder affecting mast cells. In people who do not have mastocytosis, mast cells are triggered during allergy attacks. They release substances that cause the symptoms of allergy. These substances are stored in granules within the mast cells and are released into the body during an allergy attack. This is called ‘mast cell degranulation’. In people with mastocytosis, mast cells are triggered much more easily. This causes severe allergy-type symptoms, such as low blood pressure and swelling, in response to simple everyday events. For example, mast cells can be triggered by stress, exercise, drugs, food or alcohol, as well as by environmental factors such as excessive heat or cold. There are several different types of mastocytosis and it can affect adults and children.