Wellbeing hub

Your wellbeing

We have resources to support your individual wellbeing, as well as those to help you embed wellbeing good practice within your department.  

Your wellbeing is a priority for the College. We are committed to championing and supporting our members, and that includes doing all we can to help improve your working lives. We understand that while a career in anaesthesia can be incredibly rewarding, it can also bring both personal and professional challenges that affect your wellbeing. This is particularly relevant given the current context of workforce shortages and the recovery from COVID-19.  

Our wellbeing hub features a range of resources designed to help improve wellbeing across the specialty. This includes signposting to professional support services if you need help now. We also feature resources that can support you with your education and training and those that provide guidance and good practice examples for embedding wellbeing initiatives within your department. You can also find out what we are doing to address the underlying issues that can affect wellbeing, such as workforce shortages and retention.   

Our work in wellbeing is led by Council Member Dr Ramai Santhirapala. If you have any feedback on our wellbeing resources, or suggestions for other resources that are applicable UK-wide that we can add, please email us at clinicalquality@rcoa.ac.uk.  

Do you need help now? These services provide direct and confidential support for your mental health. Find out more here.

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Resources to help you support wellbeing in the workplace at a departmental level. Find out more here.

Resources to help you embed supportive leadership across the specialty. Find out more here.

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