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15 April 2024

Logbook Improvements Phase 1

Logbook Logbook - Deployed a number of changes to Anaesthetic Cases. More detail can be found here:
25 March 2024 57.1 ANAES/ACCS HALO - Resolved an issue that was preventing HALO forms from being sent for approval and generated a notification saying "all capabilities need to be completed".
25 March 2024 57.1 ANAES/ACCS SLE - IAC/IAOC Code field re-added to the following SLEs: A-CEX, DOPS, ALMAT and CBD. 
14 March 2024 57.0 ANAES HALO - Improved functionality, so that all HALOs now list the Units of Training clusters in alphabetical order
14 March 2024 57.0 ANAES HALO - Resolved an issue that was allowing HALOs to include (count) SLEs that had not been approved/completed
14 March 2024 57.0 ANAES HALO - Improved functionality, so that "HALO in Progress" automatically becomes the default status as soon as any approved/completed SLE (only) is linked to that domain
14 March 2024 57.0 ANAES Resolved an issue that was preventing Educational Supervisors from viewing all the previous pages of their Trainee's "Recent Activity" panel
14 March 2024 57.0 ANAES CPD - Resolved an issue that had removed the line spacing for Reflections.
14 March 2024 57.0 ANAES

Stage 3 Certificate - You can now add the details of up to 4  "Special Interest Area" placements, including any supporting documents

14 March 2024 57.0 Whole System Implementation of a Security Patch. No change to the user experience
30 January 2024 56.2 ANAES EPA - Resolved an issue that was preventing all EPAs from being sent to the chosen Assessor (related to the issue below)
30 January 2024 56.2 ANAES EPA - Resolved an issue that was displaying a greyed out list of legacy Key Capabilities on all EPAs
26 January 2024 Internal Change ANAES & ACCS Logbook - We have recently added an additional operation; "Craniotomy - tumour" under the Neurosurgery specialty. However, to make this available you may have to clear your browser's cache (we are trying to resolve this shortcoming)
25 January 2024 56.1 ANAES, ACCS & FICM Resolved an issue that was allowing previously archived (inactive) LLP accounts to reactivate without system admin intervention
23 January 2024 56.0 ANAES, ACCS & FICM CPD - Attempted to resolve an issue that had removed the line spacing for Reflections. This has subsequently proved to be less than 100% effective and is again under investigation
23 January 2024 56.0 Single user Resolved an issue that was preventing a single user from accessing their LLP account (giving an Error 500 message)
23 January 2024 56.0 ANAES & ACCS HALO - Improved functionality, so that HALOs can now only be sent for approval when all the domain's Units of Training clusters have at least one piece of evidence assigned to them
06 December 2023 55.1 ANAES, ACCS & FICM ARCPs & Document Store access - Resolved a recent issue that was preventing some Supervisors, and those with more senior roles on the LLP, from accessing a trainee's Document Store
28 November 2023 55.0 ANAES, ACCS & FICM ESSR - The initial stage of this form can now be edited by the College's internal LLP Support Team, who will shortly be adding guidance on how to successfully create the form and avoid common pitfalls
28 November 2023 55.0 ANAES, ACCS & FICM MSF - Amended the "MSF Process" guidance to now state: "at least twelve respondents" are required to complete the form..."
28 November 2023 55.0 ANAES, ACCS & FICM Added "CT4" role, which can now be selected when editing/creating a placement. This role will also be pulled into the corresponding field of an ARCP outcome form
28 November 2023 55.0 ANAES, ACCS & FICM Resolved an issue that was affecting a very small number of Supervisors, who were presented with their own documents and details when trying to review those of their trainees
28 November 2023 55.0 ANAES & ACCS HALO - Improved how key competency clusters appear in this form. Clusters that do not have any evidence linked are now also listed, but in a lighter grey font, thereby making it easier to identify where more evidence is required
22 November 2023 Internal Change ANAES ANEAS 2021 SLEs - Updated the assessor's Supervision Level guidance note on A-CEX, DOPS, ALMAT and CBD to: "Based on this encounter, what level of supervision would the doctor require if they were to perform the same procedure or case againright here, right now?"
21 November 2023 Internal Change ANAES  Stage 1, 2 & 3 Certificates - Amended the wording above the Date entry field to: "Successful completion of Stage 1/2/3 training on"
21 November 2023 54.0 Whole System Implementation of a major system upgrade (Laravel version 10 ) to improve stability, security and functionality
12 October 2023 53.1 Whole system Resolved an IP address issue that was preventing the API from exchanging LLP data and membership records with the College's CRM system
04 October 2023 53.0 ACCS Stage 1 Certificate - Resolved the issue that was allowing ACCS Learners to submit this certificate and gain approval from a single Assessor,  as opposed to the required two Assessors
04 October 2023 53.0 ANAES, ACCS & FICM ALMAT - Resolved the issue that was requesting Learners complete the third text entry section in this form, which is intended for completion after the form has been submitted to the chosen Assessor 
04 October 2023 53.0 Whole system Resolved a potential "Cross Site Scripting Security Vulnerability" by removing the text formatting options in all form text entry fields. We recommend you now draft, and then copy & paste, your text using a standard text editor (e.g. Word). The LLP will maintain most of the formatting you had applied
23 August 2023 52.3 ANAES, ACCS & FICM MSF - Resolved the issue that was generating an Error 500 message when trying to send MSF participant reminder emails 
07 August 2023 52.2 Whole system Updated the platform's "Error 500" notification to a generic but more helpful message
07 August 2023 52.2 Specific users Resolved the issue where some Assessors were unable to login to their LLP account or access their assessor's tab
06 August 2023 52.1 Whole System Hot Fix  
18 July 2023 52.0 ANAES & ACCS Resolved API issue where the LLP was not pushing Achieved Milestones/Certificates and ARCP Outcomes though to our CRM system 
18 July 2023 52.0 Specific users Resolved a further issue that was preventing a handful of users from generating a portfolio download Zip file 
18 July 2023 52.0 ANAES & ACCS Stage 1, 2 & 3 Certificates  - Users are now able to select a date both in the past and the future
18 July 2023 52.0 ACCS  Resolved the issue where supervisors were unable to view an ACCS trainee's FEGS form via their Development section or an ESSR
11 July 2023 N/A Single admin account

Resolved the issue where a single admin account was getting Error 500 when trying to access an ARCP panel record

11 July 2023 51.0 Whole system

Added Indexes to database tables  - In conjunction with optimised queries this has improved the overall speed and stability of data retrieval

11 July 2023 51.0 All users

Optimised Logbook generation - Resolved a long standing issue that prevented some users from generating a single line logbook summary and detailed download file. Please note that some users, with very large logbooks, may still be unable to generate the more detailed summary report page (under investigation)

11 July 2023 51.0 All users

Refactored and optimised portfolio generation - Resolved a long standing issue that prevented some users from generating a download and Zip file of their portfolio  (some limitations on the content generated remain and will be resolved in a later release)


For consultants and SAS doctors, a full User Guide on the CPD functionality is available below:

Click here for the User Guide on how to use CPD functionality in the LLP