Global Partnerships Strategy

Our Strategy

By working with local organisations and institutions, we aim to strengthen international healthcare systems to ensure the long-term stability and access to healthcare for previously excluded patient groups

Global Partnerships Priorities 2020-2024

As we evaluate our long term global objectives and strategy, we have set up our short term priorities for the period 2020-2024, and our overarching objectives will continue to be:

  • raising the profile of anaesthesia as part of the surgical team among decision makers, international organisations, the wider health sector and patients
  • developing projects, products and services that share good practice and improve anaesthesia training and develop the workforce in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
  • working in partnership with education providers to develop standards and high-quality training that meets the needs of local healthcare systems
  • advocating alongside global health ministries, educational bodies and associations across the world to recognise the need for improved anaesthesia services and the provision of anaesthesia as part of the wider surgical team to improve patient experiences and outcomes
  • supporting and engage with College members who are based outside the UK to ensure they feel valued, through a range of initiatives including the use of regular and effective communications and by establishing local country champions.

Global Partnerships Strategy 2016-2019

In 2016 we launched our first Global Partnerships Strategy.  The objectives of the strategy are:

  • playing a proactive role in advocacy for global anaesthesia services and the provision of anaesthesia as part of the wider surgical team.
  • working in partnership with overseas based education providers to deliver high quality training to the anaesthetic workforce, which meet the long term needs of the local healthcare system.
  • collaborating with health ministries (or equivalent) and professional organisations to strengthen healthcare systems. This is to ensure long term stability and access to healthcare for groups previously excluded.
  • engaging proactively with and supporting overseas members.
  • monitoring and evaluating College activities considering the latest evidence based practice.

Will address these objectives through the following project areas:

  • training the trainer and curriculum development
  • assistance with institutional development
  • supporting training and education for UK anaesthetists in LMICS
  • develop the Medical Training Initiative (MTI)
  • re-launch of e-SAFE resource
  • e-learning and developing educational tools
  • engaging with members and developing networks.

The College's Global Partnerships Strategy is due to be revised in 2020.

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