College Awards

You'll find information on our Awards which allows the College to recognise outstanding achievements in the fields of anaesthesia or relevant science, critical care medicine or pain medicine.

Any Fellow or member can suggest nominations for consideration on behalf of Council by the Nominations Committee. The Committee normally meets twice yearly although electronic communications may be used if nominees are being considered for specific events or against accelerated timelines. The Secretary to the Committee co-ordinates this process and is the primary point of contact for proposed nominations.


This is our highest award to a Fellow of the College in recognition of sustained work for the College at the highest level. Examples would include work over decades to support anaesthesia, critical care or pain medicine at a national or international level. (This does not include activity delivered as a senior officer of the College or where such activity has been commissioned or rewarded in other ways). This medal is rarely awarded.

This is awarded to those who have made a clear and significant contribution to the College. This is normally related to a defined major project and is considered on successful completion or delivery of that project. There is no limitation to the number of medals awarded but it is unusual for more than one or two a year to be considered.

An endowed trust fund was established in 1967 to provide an annual award of a prize for ‘meritorious work in anaesthesia or in a science contributing to the progress of anaesthesia.’ The prize consists of a bronze medal.

This may be awarded to a team or organisation for improving clinical care. It is normally awarded annually, but there may exceptionally be more awards in any one year. The standard expected is for sustained contributions to the College, usually in a specific area of activity. This is national activity but may include successfully completed commissioned activity. The project or activity has to be significant for the College and involve high levels of commitment and delivery over some years although usually less than the ten years criteria for the higher awards.

Introduced in 2011, this is awarded to those who have provided a sustained or specific contribution to the College.

The nominations guidance and proposal form can be found below, along with a document detailing previous awardees. 

Nominations guidance and proposal form

NOTE: both proposer and seconder will also need to make a submission by email.

Please provide as much information as possible as only the detail provided here will be taken into consideration. Please feel free to expand – you may wish to include a CV by uploading one below.
Allowed file types: rtf pdf doc docx only


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