The Winter Symposium 2021

Join us online or in person for our annual two-day symposium and enjoy a lively mix of lectures, debates and interactive sessions.

The Clinical Leads for this year’s symposium, Professor William Harrop-Griffiths and Dr Ashwini Keshkamat look forward to welcoming you to our winter symposium where you can learn and be challenged as well as discuss and debate a wide range of clinical topics.

Join us for one day or two at the Winter Symposium 2021.  We have included more clinical content this year as well as a medicolegal session and practical tips you will be able to use in your everyday practice.  

Anaesthesia is the largest single hospital specialty in the NHS. The Royal College of Anaesthetists is the professional body responsible for the specialty throughout the UK.

Working with our members, we ensure the quality of patient care through the maintenance of standards in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine.