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Introduction to the LLP

In August 2018 the College launched its new Lifelong Learning Platform, which replaced the old e-Portfolio and incorporates Logbook functionality. In November 2019 enhanced CPD functionality was added, including a new online form for accreditation of courses and events.

In August 2021 the new ACCS and Anaesthetics Curriculums were launched and these were fully integrated with the LLP, providing multiple curricula functionality for all trainees throughout their training.

The LLP now supports trainees and consultants of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, with the 2021 ICM Curriculum becoming available in the Platform in July 2021. This means that dual trainees are now supported across multiple specialties, which makes the LLP unique when compared to other portfolio systems.

An Agile approach was used for the above development and the LLP Team continues to work with stakeholders to further enhance the Platform. All suggested enhancements are reviewed by a specialty clinician advisory group and prioritised by the LLP Product Owner for future development.

The LLP is a custom-built and flexible Platform designed specifically to meet the needs of our members. We work in partnership with an external development agency, but the intellectual property of the LLP is owned by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, representing a significant financial investment and asset for our members.



The LLP is available to eligible subscribing members of the College.

If you do not have an LLP account, please request access by completing our Lifelong Learning Platform Account Request Form, which will guide you through the process and list the types of access available.

Non-Member Access

If you are a supervisor for anaesthetists in training, but not currently a member of the College, you can request access to the LLP using the above form. It is also possible to assess trainees without an LLP account yourself, as anyone qualified can be added as a "Guest Assessor" for most forms.

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