The RCoA is often asked to distribute external surveys to our members

Requests are regularly submitted by research-active members regarding the distribution of surveys relating to anaesthetists and their practice. Whilst the College does not directly distribute external surveys, we will advertise them on this page and in our established member communications, subject to approval. Members wishing to submit a survey should closely follow the guidance on this page. 

Members wishing to make a survey submission should complete an RCoA Survey Application Form and return it to  Please read the form and this guidance carefully before submitting.

Survey Submission Guidelines

  • approved surveys are shared as links on this webpage or electronically as part of established RCoA communication channels – only apply if your project is using an online survey tool
  • the scheduling of all survey distribution and the inclusion of specific surveys is at the RCoA’s discretion
  • please be aware that the RCoA also runs its own surveys of members and your project may clash with ongoing RCoA work
  • there may also be a number of surveys awaiting distribution and your project timescales may not line up with RCoA capacity
  • the RCoA will not bulk email its members with a message specific to your survey, nor will it coordinate physical mail-outs of survey materials
  • survey links will only be circulated following review by members of Council for relevance to the overall RCoA strategy, and a subsequent methodological review by members of the CR&I Executive Management Board. Applicants with fixed data collection time-frames should plan several weeks’ lead-in time for any submission to accommodate this, plus any changes required by the reviewers to the survey contents
  • return completed Survey Application Forms to


Please Note

Whilst the RCoA has agreed to circulate the links for these surveys for the interest of its members, unless otherwise noted, neither the RCoA nor the CR&I are members of the survey teams or official sponsors of any of these research projects.

Current Surveys

Autism and autistic traits in doctors

Researchers from Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Autistic Doctors International are exploring the prevalence of autism and autistic traits in doctors within the United Kingdom (UK). If you have ever worked as a doctor in the UK (registered with the General Medical Council), you can take part here.   


Assessment of the CESR Pathway: Identifying gaps and improving equivalence evaluation

This two-part survey has been developed in collaboration with doctors from Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, West Midlands and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. It is anonymous and open to all anaesthetists.

The first part of the survey is directed at LED, SAS and specialty doctors, as well as doctors in the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) programme. Its purpose is to have a better understanding of the experiences and challenges faced by doctors aspiring to join the specialist register through the portfolio pathway. Take part here

The second part of the survey targets doctors who serve as trainers or supervisors. This section aims to gather insights on the supervision of CESR aspirants and to collect suggestions for improving the efficiency of the evaluation process. Participants are only required to complete the part relevant to their current role. Take part here

The survey will be open from 1 July 2024 to 30 September 2024. 


Decolonisation in global healthcare

You are invited to participate in a global, online survey assessing awareness and attitudes regarding decolonisation in global healthcare. The questionnaire-based study has been approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee at the Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Tata Memorial Centre, India. The study titled, “Decolonization in global healthcare: assessing awareness and perspectives among the global surgical and anaesthesiology communities” is designed as an online questionnaire-based survey to be administered to the global surgical and anaesthesiology community, and aims to compare the perceptions regarding various components (such as  training, research & resource allocation) of global healthcare decolonization between healthcare professionals from high income (HIC) and low-middle income countries (LMICs). The survey closes on 31 July 2024. 


Single-shot spinals: To gown or not to gown? 

There is a wide variation of practice internationally with regards to wearing a sterile gown to perform spinal anaesthesia. What is the evidence and should we be gowning for single-shot spinals? You are invited to share your thoughts in this survey.  The survey closes on 31 July 2024. 


Do you have a survey you wish to submit to the College?
Please ensure that you complete a Survey Application Form in full before making your submission. If you have any queries, please contact us for advice.