e-Learning Anaesthesia

e-Learning Anaesthesia

e-Learning Anaesthesia (e-LA) is an interactive and engaging web-based learning resource developed by the Royal College of Anaesthetists in partnership with e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH).

Written and edited by anaesthetists, e-LA covers the knowledge and key concepts that underpin the anaesthetic curriculum and will help trainees prepare for the FRCA examination. The learning material is presented as a structured series of bite-sized sessions including access to an extensive e-Library of articles and interactive MCQs to support continued professional development in anaesthesia.

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The success of the award-winning e-learning suite, e-LA, e-ICM and e-Pain, is truly remarkable. These resources are now a cornerstone of lifelong learning for all professionals in anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine in the UK and increasingly around the world.

Professor Ravi Mahajan
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists


e-LA for Trainees 

Modules 1-7 are mapped to the Core Training Curriculum as detailed below.

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01 the Operating Theatre Environment

02 basic Science for Novice Trainees

03 anaesthetic Equipment for Novice Trainees

04 preoperative Assessment and Management

05 induction of Anaesthesia and Intraoperative

06 postoperative Management

07 critical Incidents and Management of

08 self Assessment

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01 anaesthesia and intercurrent disease

02 preoperative assessment

03 implications of surgery on conduct of anaesthesia

04 preparation for theatre

05 induction of anaesthesia

06 maintenance of general anaesthesia

07 postoperative and recovery care

08 infection control

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01 general principles

02 clinical problems in ICU

03 sepsis and MOF

04 unconscious patient

05 trauma

06 transfer medicine

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module 4a obstetrics

module 4b paediatrics

module 4c anaesthesia in the elderly

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module 5a pain

module 5b regional anaesthesia

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01 MCQ tutorials

02 MCQ papers

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module 7a anatomy

module 7b physiology

module 7c pharmacology

module 7d physics and clinical measurement

module 7e equipment

module 7f mathematics and statistics

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e-LA for Consultants/SAS doctors

These modules are more focused for Consultants/SAS doctors, and contain a combination of e-Learning sessions and articles/MCQs from CEACCP/BJA Education mapped to the intermediate and higher curriculum modules, which can be used for CPD or specialty training. Topics covered include:

  • obstetric
  • ophthalmic Anaesthesia
  • regional Anaesthesia
  • vascular Anaesthesia
  • cardiac Anaesthesia
  • thoracic Anaesthesia
  • neuroanaesthesia. 

Non-NHS and overseas doctors

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