The College aims to be a leader in the effective use of simulation to enhance professional development in order to improve the quality of patient care and inform the design of healthcare systems to support patient safety and staff wellbeing.

Our Education and Professional Development Committee provides the governance for this work.


Simulation is a proven and powerful tool for learning in healthcare at the level of individual and team-based practice. As a training intervention, it can support and enhance the development of basic or more advanced technical skills and capabilities at all levels of experience.

Similarly, it can offer a unique method to identify and rehearse the development of critical non-technical skills for anaesthetists as well as key team working skills and behaviours that underpin effective and safe clinical practice.

This extends to offering unique opportunities to rehearse individual and team performance as preparation for dealing with rare or potentially life threatening events. Simulation also has an important role in the understanding and subsequent application of Human Factors (i.e. systems science) in the workplace to optimise professional practice, system performance and staff well-being within an increasingly complex and resource constrained clinical environment. This can help improve the quality and safety of patient care through studying interactions between technical and non-technical skills and wider work system factors, such as the design of medical devices, information technology, working environments, and the policies and procedures that underpin everyday practice.

The story so far:

  • creation of regional simulation leads
  • scoping practice and access to resources
  • development of a College strategy relevant to all grades and department
  • Application for funding to major grant awarding bodies
  • Successful in securing a proportion of funding from the Dinwoodie Charitable Company

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