Simulation Podcasts

To help keep you up to speed with the latest in simulation for anaesthesia and associated practices, we've collected some podcasts from the RCoA and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. You can listen on this page, or via your podcast app (subscribe to Anaesthesia on Air and FICMLearning). We'll periodically add relevant episodes as they are published. 

Career breaks and return to work podcast

RCoA Podcast: Dr Lucy Williams interviews Dr Jill Horn and Dr Caroline Kane on career breaks and return to work. [Published March 2020.]

Mastery learning podcast 

RCoA Podcast: Graham Blair interviews Dr Michael Moneypenny on Mastery Learning. [Published December 2019.]

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The RCoA Simulation Strategy podcast

Graham Blair, Associate Director of Education and Events at the RCoA, interviews Professor Bryn Baxendale about the RCoA Simulation Strategy. We cover what is the simulation strategy, what it covers and how will it shape simulation at the College as well as across the specialty over the next few years. [Published December 2019.]

In-situ simulation podcast 

In this podcast, Andrew Jacques talks about how he developed an in-situ simulation programme on their intensive care unit in Reading. 

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