Membership Engagement Panel


The Panel is a growing cohort of more than 2,500 fellows and members of all career stages, whose views we are seeking to improve what we do and how we do it. Being on the Panel is an opportunity for you, as an RCoA fellow or member, to contribute to the work, strategy and direction of your professional body. As we want to ensure our membership are fully supported every step of the way at every stage of their career and after, we are working to provide tailored and personalised membership benefits.

We will be sending you regular updates and surveys to complete, to obtain your feedback on various areas of College work. Each survey will comprise approximately 10–15 questions. We will keep these surveys as short as possible to respect your time. You can expect to receive a survey about every quarter.

Survey about every quarter (online), focus group face-to-face or via Skype depending on your availability. International and national, no travel required.



  • complete an online survey with honest and helpful answers – approximately one survey every quarter
  • take part in a focus group either face-to-face or via Skype depending on your availability.


Because we want to secure the broadest representation of our membership as possible:

  • there are no criteria for this role, it is open to all of membership
  • there is no limit to tenure and no training required
  • this is a national role but does not require travel as surveys and focus group are or can be, conducted online.

Insider's View 

  • An Insider’s View: being a member of the Membership Engagement Panel (MEP)
    – read an article with examples of the work of the MEP, and quotes from Dr Nicoletta Fossati, Dr Mark Withers and Dr Anna Schumann from the September 2020 issue of the College Bulletin here.

How to apply

If you have any questions or want to join the Panel, please contact the Membership Engagement team at

Dr Abrie Theron
Chair, Welsh Advisory Board

"In order to support improved outcomes for patients and better work satisfaction for anaesthetists, the College make it their business to facilitate and support engagement of anaesthetists with ministers and policy makers in all four nations of the UK. These opportunities are used to enlighten and influence on the many aspects we can contribute to achieve these goals."