The stages of training

The first step towards a career as an anaesthetist is medical school

Undergraduate medical training mostly lasts for five years and medical students normally graduate with a bachelors degree. 

What happens after graduating?

After graduating from medical school, you will enter foundation training in hospitals around the UK.

Foundation training

Foundation training lasts two years and after the first year, trainees become fully registered medical practitioners.

During the second year of foundation year training, foundation doctors apply for postgraduate training in one of the specialties, of which anaesthesia is one.


Trainees can apply for the UK anaesthesia training programme which consists of: Stage 1 Anaesthetic or ACCS training, Stage 2 Anaesthetics training and Stage 3 Anaesthetics training.

Trainees also have the option of completing dual Certificates of Completion of Training (CCT) in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine at a later stage.

The stages of training

For more information on becoming an anaesthetist, get in touch with the training team.