PatientsVoices@RCoA Strategy 2023-2027

We set out a clear direction for our future work which ensures patients’ voices are clearly heard across all relevant activities as the College delivers its strategic aims over the next five years.


Our purpose and vision

PatientsVoices@RCoA helps the College improve the delivery of safe, more effective, patient-centred care to enhance patients’ experience of anaesthesia and perioperative care.

Supporting the College’s Strategic Plan

The College's strategy for 2022-2027 recognises the vital role of patient and public involvement in ensuring it achieves its ambitious aims.

We share the College’s commitment and interpret it in our own context by aligning our visions, values and aims within our own strategy. 

Our values

  • Caring and supportive: we will actively support the College in promoting caring and compassionate patient care
  • Just and fair: we will promote fair and consistent standards throughout the patient’s
  • Innovative and progressive: we will seek out opportunities to promote high standards and improvements in patient-centred care.
  • Open and responsive: listening carefully and responding positively to challenges will enable
    us to support service providers and healthcare professionals improve the quality of patient care.

The three strands of our strategic plan

We will achieve our purpose and vision by focusing on our three strategic pillars:

1. Strengthening our voice

PatientsVoices@RCoA will: 

  • establish ourselves as the voice of patients for anaesthesia and perioperative care
  • improve our knowledge of healthcare services (especially anaesthesia and perioperative care) and the challenges members face so we can contribute authoritatively and effectively to
    College activities
  • improve the breadth and depth of our influence by continuing to build a diverse team and
    champion equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do and say

2. Improving how we communicate the views of patients internally and externally

PatientsVoices@RCoA will: 

  • be visible and audible advocates for the College and PatientsVoices@RCoA by utilising opportunities to raise our profile and promote meaningful patient engagement
  • engage with stakeholders in a constructive and supportive way when representing the voice of
  • explore ways of extending our reach by improving our understanding of a broader range
    of patients’ and the public’s views and priorities

3. Increasing our impact by developing effective ways of working

PatientsVoices@RCoA will: 

  • develop and use a variety of approaches to ensure patients’ voices positively impact on the College’s activities and recommendations about patient care

  • evolve into an influential team whose members work effectively and efficiently whilst enjoying and valuing their individual roles with the College

  • ensure we use our resources wisely to realise our potential contribution to the College whilst
    minimising our impact on the environment