Strategy and vision

Our strategy will continue to guide our decision-making and resource allocation while providing patients, the public, members, staff and partners, with a clear understanding of our values and purpose.

Dr Fiona Donald
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Our Strategic Plan 2018–2021 highlights the College's vision, values and aims. This strategy indicates how and where our focus lies in improving patient care, supporting our members throughout their careers and working to shape the healthcare policy and practice by campaigning for change and working collaboratively with key partners and with local and national governments.

The work of the College remains patient-focused and clinically led. We are inclusive in our membership, representing clinicians across the United Kingdom and internationally.

Our Vision

Advancing the delivery of safe patient care

Our Mission

We are committed to improving patients’ safety, wellbeing and outcomes through the maintenance and advancement of standards in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine. Through our services, anaesthetists will be well trained and supported, and we will continue to uphold a central role in the development and delivery of high-quality healthcare.

Our Values

  • Expert: we must be expert in what we do to be effective in our aims. We aim for excellence in all our disciplines.
  • Positive: we are constructive, collaborative and proactive. We focus on achieving positive outcomes.
  • Inclusive: our membership is as diverse and vibrant as the community at large and, to support them, the College is direct, open and approachable.
  • Forward-thinking: as our specialty continues to advance, so must the College. We look for opportunities to innovate and improve. We intend to stay ahead and set the healthcare agenda.
  • Ambitious: we are committed to remaining a world leader in anaesthesia and for our members to be at the top of their profession.

Our Aims

  • Supporting anaesthetists throughout their career: anaesthetists and the specialty of anaesthesia and perioperative care have a central role in the future of healthcare. Our work is focused on delivering that vision in the UK and overseas.
  • Setting and maintaining the highest standards for anaesthesia and delivering healthcare improvements to secure the best outcomes for patients: we aim for excellence in the College, our members and our specialty. We are committed to remaining a world leader in standards of anaesthesia practice, education and research.
  • Championing anaesthesia by engaging members, policy makers and the public: by championing the central role of anaesthesia in patient care, we will strengthen our position as the expert anaesthesia body, extend our influence and share our expertise.
  • Resourcing the future of anaesthesia: we are a responsible, sustainable organisation that is committed to delivering a first-class service to our members.