PatientsVoices@RCoA commitment on equality, diversity and inclusion

PatientsVoices@RCoA supports the Joint Statement by the College President and Deans of the Faculties of Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine which condemns racism and discrimination in any shape or form.

We join our President and Deans in celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion. We provide a patient perspective in College activities and aim to ensure the voices of people from all backgrounds and communities are heard.

Our strategy commits us to continue to build diverse PatientsVoices@RCoA membership and championing equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in everything we do and say.  We welcome members who share our commitment to EDI. 

The College is working on initiatives to achieve sustainable change in its approach to EDI in key areas including capture and analysis of demographic data as well as culture, governance, meetings and engagement.

We will support these initiatives by:                                               

Acting: we will act out our values and work hard to build a more diverse PatientsVoices@RCoA. 

Discussing: we will actively engage in conversations about EDI with as many people as possible.

Challenging: we will challenge ourselves and colleagues at the College to keep EDI at the forefront of everything we do.

Asking: we will ask questions and seek answers about EDI, including why the College does things in particular ways.

Investigating: we will look for ways of sustainably improving EDI, seeking out ideas and good practice from other patient groups and organisations.

Seeking assurance: we will assure ourselves that things are moving forward in the College’s EDI initiatives.

Getting involved: we will use our expertise and experience to promote EDI and achieve sustainable change.