What can I expect during my recovery?

Before you go home your nurse will give you written information about what to expect during your recovery and how to manage any pain you might experience. This will also include anything to look out for and a number to call if you are worried. 

Our leaflets on some of the most common surgical operations give more detailed information on how to prepare for different types of surgery and what to expect afterwards. 

Practical help to keep you motivated during your recovery

Depending on what surgery you are having, recovery may take many weeks. Don’t worry if some days go better than others, as this is normal. It can be useful to keep a recovery diary which you can continue after you go home. Try and get into a routine and get up in the morning at a regular time. A list of daily goals can give structure to your day and help monitor your progress. 

Visits and phone calls from family and friends can cheer you up and encourage you to reach your goals. Be careful though that you don’t tire yourself out from too many visitors.

Additional resources available online

Patient recovery and exercises

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