2021 Curriculum Assessment Guidance

Published: 24/05/2021

Entrustable Professional Activities: IAC & IACOA

The IAC and IACOA continue to be Summative Assessments for the initial periods of training in Anaesthetics and obstetric anaesthesia, respectively. 

The previous list of workplace-based assessments has been replaced by the adoption of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for the assessment of the IAC and IACOA.  Each EPA relates to a discrete area of clinical practice that an anaesthetist is trusted to perform as defined by the appropriate level of supervision when they have demonstrated sufficient competence.

During this training period, SLEs, personal activities, and personal reflection – as well as a Multiple Trainer Report – can be used by the anaesthetist in training to demonstrate their progress until they reach a point where they can be entrusted to carry out the activity with more distant supervision.

IAC and IACOA on Lifelong Learning

To complete the IAC and IACOA on the platform, the anaesthetist in training will need to:

  1. Link SLEs to and sign off the relevant EPA HALOs. For eg, signed off EPA 1 and EPA 2 for the IAC
  2. Link a completed Multiple Trainer Report in the certificate
  3. Link Personal Activities, with the activity type "Simulation training", to the IAC or IACOA milestone

The Milestones section on LLP only shows certificates completed on the platform on the current curriculum. Anaesthetists in training who completed the certificate on paper/PDF, or on a different curriculum, will need to upload the document as a Personal Activity. The certificate will not appear hyperlinked in the Milestones and Certificates section, but they will appear in the ESSR.



You can download a copy of the relevant workbooks for the IAC and IACOA:

IAC workbook - EPAs 1 & 2 [pdf]. This is an updated version published in September 2022.

IACOA workbook - EPAs 3 & 4[pdf]. This is an updated version published in September 2022.

Links can also be found in Appendix 5 and Appendix 6 of this document, respectively.


We have created a webcast, in 2 parts, about assessing EPAs and the IAC:

You can watch part 1 here; this is a presentation about the process and principles.

You can watch part 2 here: this is a walkthrough on the LLp.

For further information about EPAs, a presentation was recorded at the Curriculum Webinar on 25 March 2021. You can watch the recording of this presentation here.