2021 Curriculum Assessment Guidance

Published: 24/05/2021

The Role of the Trainer: Assessment Faculty

Assessment Faculty are designated trainers who will be responsible for the summative assessment of specific Key Capabilities within the new curriculum.  Each department will identify trainers to act as Assessment Faculty.  This is ideally lead by the local College Tutor(s).

Assessment Faculty trainers include Consultants and SAS doctors who are Clinical Supervisors or Educational Supervisors.  It is intended that this is an evolution of the previous role of Unit of Training supervisors and reflects the greater emphasis on the role of the expert trainer as part of the new programme of assessment. 

Assessment Faculty should consider a broad scope of evidence to determine if the anaesthetist in training has met the requirements of specific Key Capabilities and learning outcomes described in the new curriculum. 

Assessment Faculty Trainers are:

  • designated trainers responsible for the assessment of one or more specific Key Capabilities within a Domain of Learning
  • have knowledge of the requirements of the Key Capabilities for the respective stage of training
  • trainers with existing clinical commitment relevant to the Key Capabilities
  • are able to signpost to learning opportunities available locally as part of the training programme.

Within the Assessment Faculty for a given Domain of Learning, one or more of the faculty will be designated as being responsible for assessment and completion of the Holistic Assessment of Learning Outcome (HALO) for a given Domain of Learning.

Assessment Faculty should also be available to review the progress of anaesthetists in training at regular intervals throughout their training programme, to assess progress towards attainment of the Key Capabilities and the spread of evidence associated with different capabilities.

Assessment of Key Capabilities should take place throughout the training programme as evidence is attained, rather than being completed at the end of a stage of training.  Some Key Capabilities that share a high level of commonality have been grouped together and may be assessed at the same time

It is important to note that Supervised Learning Events can still be completed by all trainers and is not limited to members of the Assessment Faculty.

Assessment Faculty on LLP

Check if you are an assessor

To complete HALOs on the Lifelong Learning platform, you will need to have the role of assessor. Check if you have this role by clicking on your name in the top right corner to go to your profile page. Under the list of Roles check to see if you have “Assessor”.

If you do not have this role, or need any other role added to your profile, please get in touch with your College Tutor in the first instance. They will be able to add you as an assessor or supervisor. (Please make sure your hospital is correct on your profile so that they can find you.)


Frequently asked questions
  • Will an assessment faculty signing off a HALO be based within a department or at school level?

At a department level.

  • What happens if a supervisor declares a trainee fit for distant supervision but then there is a critical incident? Do we need to reassure our trainers about their responsibilities?

There isn’t a change in this from that which occurs presently eg trainers deciding that anaesthetists in training can work with distant supervision on the theatre or obstetric on call rotas.