2021 Curriculum Assessment Guidance

Published: 24/05/2021

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)

SLEs summary

  • There is no minimum requirement for numbers of SLEs.
  • SLEs are low stakes episodes of feedback and reflection in the workplace.
  • Feedback is enhanced using supervision level judgments, that can show evidence of learning progression.
  • SLEs should be a regular part of everyday clinical training.
  • SLEs can be used as evidence together with personal activities and personal reflections to demonstrate achievement of key capabilities.

SLEs detailed outline

SLEs should be used by anaesthetists in training and trainers to promote professional educational discussions and guide future learning, with the emphasis on feedback.  Developmental conversations that enhance the improvement in performance that comes with repeated cycles of experience, reflection, conceptualisation, and application.  Feedback should include both the specialty specific and generic professional aspects of performance.

Features that are key to making SLEs effective are that the conversation happens soon after the observed activity, that this dialogue is aided by a credible facilitator, and that the conversation is seen as part of a continual process of development, rather than an assessment of performance at a single point in time.

It is important to note that one SLE can provide evidence for more than one of the Key Capabilities and there is no minimum number of SLE requirement for any of the Domains of Learning.

Anaesthetists in training and trainers will be familiar with the tools such as A-CEX, DOPS, CBD and ALMAT, however these have been updated to emphasise the importance of feedback and include a revised supervision scale.

A new SLE has been introduced for the formative assessment of Quality Improvement activities.  This is known as the Anaesthesia-Quality Improvement Project Assessment Tool (A-QIPAT).

SLEs on Lifelong Learning

Once an assessment has been approved it is locked for editing. In order to make any edits, including changing any Key Capabilities, the form will need to be returned to draft, removing any approvals or sign-offs.

A workaround to this is to download the form as PDF, upload as a Personal Activity and link the personal activity to the additional key capabilities.



PDF versions of the SLE forms are available here; all will also be available on the LLp.