2021 Curriculum Assessment Guidance

Published: 14/11/2022

Personal Activities and Reflections

Personal Activities

Personal activities are forms on the Lifelong Learning platform that enable evidence of training and progression to be added to the LLp so that they can be reviewed by supervisors and incorporated into decisions made about an anaesthetists training progression, eg ESSRs.

The personal activity form allows evidence to be uploaded and linked to the key capabilities in the curriculum, in the same was as an Supervised Learning Event; personal activity forms on the LLp do not require approval from an assessor.

The personal activity forms can be used to capture learning occurring from activities such as attending teaching sessions, educational meetings, or even reading journal articles.

Personal Activities on Lifelong Learning

In a Personal Activity, the Activity Type dropdown correlates to other forms, such as the ESSR  and IAC. Please select the most appropriate category to ensure they pull through correctly. 

Activity Type Pulls into form
ARCP documents / Form R ESSR - Form R section
Supervisory meeting ESSR - Supervisory meeting section

Simulation Training

IAC and IACOA - Simulation activities 


Personal Reflections

Personal reflections are forms on the LLp to enable anaesthetists in training to record reflections on their training.

Reflections can be used to record learning from clinical experience that has not formed part of a supervised learning event.

Reflecting on clinical practice is not only important for individual wellbeing and professional development, but it is also valuable in helping improve the quality of care for patients. Regardless of the stage of training, reflective learning is a cornerstone of good medical practice.

The Academy (of Medical Royal Colleges) has published guidance in recording reflective practice, The Reflective Practitioner: Guidance for doctors and medical students. There are copies of different aspects of the guidance available for download (external links):

Personal Reflections on Lifelong Learning

Personal reflections should be attached to a Personal Activity, which then pulls into the ESSR.