2021 Curriculum Assessment Guidance

Published: 24/05/2021

The 2021 Programme of Assessment

The 2021 Curriculum describes 14 Domains of Learning for each stage of training, these are divided into 7 specialty specific and 7 generic professional domains.

Each domain has a learning outcome for each stage. Within each domain several Key Capabilities are described which guide the individual towards achievement of the High-Level Learning Outcome for that domain.

Evidence of completion of all of the 14 domains for a stage of training is required before proceeding to the next stage.  Such points in the curriculum are referred to as Critical Progression Points.  The Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC) and Initial Assessment of Competence in Obstetric Anaesthesia (IACOA) are also considered critical progression points.

Anaesthetists in training can draw on a broad range of evidence including Supervised Learning Events (SLEs), personal activities, and personal reflections to demonstrate attainment of the Key Capabilities within each of the Domains of Learning.

Such activities may provide evidence of attainment of more than one of the Key Capabilities across more than one of the Domains of Learning.  In addition, Key Capabilities with a high degree of commonality have been clustered together and may be evidenced together.

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