2021 Curriculum learning syllabus: stage 1

Published: 04/02/2021

Team Working

Stage learning outcome

  • Works effectively as a member of a clinical team

Key capabilities


Actively participates and contributes to the work and success of a team


Demonstrates appropriate clinical leadership behaviour in the workplace


Demonstrates the importance of non-technical skills in the functioning of a successful team


Describes leadership responsibilities


Explains why effective leadership is central to safe and effective care


Provides, accepts and acts on constructive and appropriately framed feedback

Examples of evidence

Experience & logbook:
  • range of surgical specialties and patient groups in theatre setting, obstetrics, pre-operative assessment clinics and Intensive Care Unit.
Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) can be used to demonstrate:
  • evidence of good team working through reflection
  • participation with teams in theatre (eg ALMAT)
  • acting as a member of Medical Emergency Team
  • management of the critically ill patient as part of the ICU team.
Personal Activities and Personal Reflections may include:
  • completion of resuscitation courses
  • simulation training
  • multi-source feedback.

Cross links with other domains and capabilities