2021 Curriculum learning syllabus: stage 1

Published: 03/02/2021

Management and Professional and Regulatory Requirements

Stage learning outcome

  • Understands and undertakes managerial, administrative and organisational roles expected of all doctors

Key capabilities


Describes the management structure and processes of the anaesthetic department within the wider hospital environment


Explains employment law and the relevance of the working time regulations


Works within local and national systems for clinical governance and data protection


Stays up to date, and complies, with relevant guidance from the GMC and other professional bodies


Commits to the objectives of the hospital as an organisation


Understands equality and diversity legislation


Complies with health and safety legislation in the context of patient care

Examples of evidence

Experience & logbook:
  • engagement with Anaesthetic Departmental activities.
Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) can be used to demonstrate:
  • application of principles of information governance
  • knowledge of guidance from GMC and other professional bodies.
Personal Activities and Personal Reflections may include:
  • equality and diversity training
  • attendance at hospital induction and completion of mandatory training requirements
  • attendance at departmental clinical governance meetings
  • e-Learning or reading literature on employment law
  • presentation at clinical governance meeting
  • attendance at junior doctors’ forum meetings.

Cross links with other domains and capabilities

  • Safety and Quality Improvement
  • Education and Training