Anaesthetists in Training Representative Group (ATRG)

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The Anaesthetists in Training Representative Group (ATRG) was formed in July 2014 and consists of one trainee representative from each School of Anaesthesia along with co-opted members from the Faculties of Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine. The objectives of the ATRG are:

  • Enable a more sustainable and operable system to ensure true representation of trainee concerns and views and ensure the College has an effective, UK wide means of seeking trainee input.
  • Effectively inform and alert trainees to issues affecting them and to be able to address grass roots concerns.
  • Encourage greater trainee engagement with the College.

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Please find your local member below:


Dr Sarah Muldoon

Chair ATRG and Elected Trainee Council Member

Dr Susie Thoms

Chair ATRG, Elected AiT Member and GAS Editor

Dr Jamie Strachan

Deputy Chair ATRG and Elected Trainee Member of Council

Dr Katie Samuel

Elected AiT and ATRG Member

Dr Alister Seaton

Elected AiT and ATRG Member

Dr Roisin Baker

Elected AiT and ATRG Member

Dr Tamryn Miller

Elected AiT Member

Dr Lucy Emmett

Elected AiT, Welsh ATRG Member and GAS Editor

Dr Soumen Sen

Elected AiT and KSS ATRG Member

Dr Roopa McCrossan

Chair of Association of Anaesthetists co-opted AiT and ATRG Member

Dr Toby Reynolds

Barts and the London

Dr Josh Wall

Central London

Dr Eleanor Hyde

Central London

Dr Mark Vivian

East of England

Dr Amy Mitchell

East Midlands

Dr Soumen Sen

Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Dr Donald Irvine

North Scotland

Dr Ariij Booley

Northern Ireland

Dr Gary Rodgers

Scottish Board

Dr Jamie Dick

South East Scotland

Dr Maureen Sweeney

West of Scotland

Dr Brian Lafferty

West of Scotland

Dr Andrew Quinn

Yorkshire and the Humber - East

Dr Ahmed Atewah

Yorkshire and the Humber - South

Dr Paul Panesar

Yorkshire and the Humber - West

Dr Guy Parsons

Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr David Gore

Faculty of Pain Medicine



Dr Andy Owen

National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia