Anaesthetists in Training (AiT) Committee

The Anaesthetists in Training Committee consists of two trainee members of Council, four members elected from the Anaesthetist in Training Representative Group and co-opted members. This committee provides trainee representation across all activities of the College and also to external groups such as the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' Trainee Doctors Group (ATDG) and the Association of Anaesthetists Trainee Committee.  You can contact us on


Dr Rashmi Rebello

Co-Chair AiT and Elected Trainee Member of Council

Dr Giovanna Kossakowska

Co-Chair AiT and Co-Opted Trainee Member of Council

Dr Catherine Bernard

Elected Trainee Member of Council & ATRG Co-Chair

Dr Matt Tuck

Co-opted Trainee Member of Council & ATRG Co-Chair

Dr Gary Rodgers

Elected Member - Scottish Board

Dr Shalini Patel

Dr Shalini Patel

Elected Member - Oxford

Nipun Agarwal

Dr Nipun Agarwal

Elected Member & Stoke-on-Trent

Laura Bubb

Dr Laura Bubb

Elected Member & Mersey

Lauren Elliott

Dr Lauren Elliott

Elected Member & North West 


Dr Ahmed Atewah

Elected Member 

Dr Claire Shannon

Consultant Member of Council

Dr Sarah Thornton

Consultant Council Member

Professor Andrew Smith

Consultant Council Member