Stage 2 equivalent training guidance

Published: 19/05/2021

Safety and Quality Improvement

Stage learning outcomes


  • Able to lead a local quality improvement project
  • Applies the principles of patient safety in the hospital context

Examples of evidence

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) can be used to demonstrate:
  • leadership of local QI project
  • presentation of QI project results
  • implementation of QI project outcomes recognising challenges eg sustainability, up-scaling, spreading
  • (A-QIPAT)
  • case(s) resulting in completion of incident form
  • observance of theatre safety practices such as Stop Before You Block, WHO checklist.
Personal Activities and Personal Reflections may include:
  • courses or eLearning: quality improvement methodology, medicines management, human factors
  • reflection on a critical incident
  • involvement with critical incident investigations
  • attendance at quality improvement meetings.