Stage 2 equivalent training guidance

Published: 19/05/2021

Procedural Sedation

Stage learning outcome

  • Provides safe sedation to ASA 1 to 3 adults and children in any location within the hospital

Experience and learning requirements

  • safe delivery of sedation for ASA 1-3 adult patients with supervisor on call from home for queries able to provide directions via phone or non-immediate attendance (supervision level 3)
  • experience of sedation in children
  • use of TCI for sedation.

Examples of evidence

Supervised Learning events (SLEs) for appropriate cases eg ophthalmic surgery, trauma, dentistry, endoscopy, Intensive Care, cardioversion, radiology.
  • use of target controlled infusions
  • supervision level 3
  • this may be evidenced by the CUT form for intermediate level sedation provided that the supervision level for the capability described above is met.