Stage 2 equivalent training guidance

Published: 19/05/2021

Research and Managing Data

Stage learning outcome

  • Is research ready: develops critical appraisal skills; gains a broader understanding of data management and research methodology; communicates research evidence to patients and colleagues in a meaningful way

Examples of evidence

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) can be used to demonstrate:
  • use of evidence-based national or local guidelines
  • accessing and interpreting evidence from the literature (CBD).
Personal Activities and Personal Reflections may include:
  • involvement in data collection as part of a local, regional, or national study
  • critical appraisal of journal article for example at a journal club meeting
  • presentation of poster or paper at a regional or national meeting
  • involvement in developing local guidelines
  • appropriate use of statistics when contemplating research projects
  • participation in trainee research network activities
  • GCP certificate completion
  • courses: research methodology, information governance.