Stage 2 equivalent training guidance

Published: 19/05/2021

Perioperative Medicine and Health Promotion

Stage learning outcomes

  • Works with patients to reduce the risks associated with surgery

Experience and learning requirements

  • further exposure to pre-operative assessment clinics with experience of ASA 1-4 patients for elective surgery
  • experience of emergency surgery for ASA 1-3 patients
  • safe delivery of perioperative care for these patients with supervisor on call from home for queries able to provide directions via phone or non-immediate attendance (supervision level 3).

Examples of evidence

Supervised Learning events (SLEs) across a range of surgical specialties and pre-operative assessment clinics, including high risk obstetric clinics, demonstrating:
  • delivery of high quality, individualised perioperative care to ASA 1-4 patients for elective surgery and ASA 1-3 emergency patients, focusing on optimising patient experience and outcome
  • supervision level 3.
Personal activities and reflections:
  • knowledge of NICE guidance on shared decision making

  • awareness of integrated care pathways in the devolved nations

  • involvement with health promotion interventions with patients in pre-operative assessment clinics such as smoking cessation, prehabilitation

  • knowledge of guidance of use of blood and blood products in Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • knowledge of local and national guidance on management of anaemia perioperatively

  • attendance at obstetric anaesthesia clinics.