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Keep up to date with the latest developments in anaesthetic practice by attending this three day conference in London.

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Key details

Date: 8 to 10 February 2023 09:00-17:00

Location: London, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Availability: Places available

Clinical content lead(s): Prof Pierre Foex and Dr Vassilis Athanassoglou

CPD credits: 15

Day 1 and day 2 are now fully booked, please email to be added to the waiting list.

Please note: this event will take place in person only, and will not be available online.

Stay ahead of the curve and join us for three days of new ideas in anaesthesia, critical care and pain management. Discover new developments on the horizon from today’s expert specialists and learn how best to combat the growing issues you will face in your anaesthetic practice.

Join us in London this February to connect with your peers, question the specialty experts, and bring back new ideas that will improve your own practice.

Topics will include:

  • Oxygen: Friend or foe?
  • Safe use of postoperative opioids
  • CPET made easy
  • Point of care ultrasound
  • Undiagnosed sleep apnoea
  • How to prepare a patient with COPD
  • Controversies in obstetrics
  • Diabetic patients presenting for surgery
  • Early preoperative screening
  • Drug dosing in morbid obesity
  • Preventing renal failure
  • Emergency abdominal aortic aneurysm

Feedback from our recent Anaesthetic Updates events:

'Compact lectures, covering a wide range of topics, giving key points to help educate and improve our practice.'
Anaesthetic Updates, February 2022

'Excellent learning on the latest knowledge across many important areas of anaesthesia'
Anaesthetic Updates, February 2022

'Relevant, engaging, very informative conference for a general anaesthetist who has to do a bit of everything'

Anaesthetic Updates, February 2022

09:00-09:50 Registration
09:50-10:00 Welcome and introduction Professor Pierre Foex
  Session 1: Ventilation, the essentials, and training
10:00-10:25 Oxygen: Friend or foe? Dr Andy Lumb, Leeds
10:25-10:50 Prevention of lung complications Dr Andy Lumb, Leeds
10:50-11:15 Simulation-based education and human factors for training recovery in anaesthetics Professor Helen Higham, Oxford
11:15-11:35 Discussion and Q&A
11:35-12:00 Break
  Session 2: Pain relief for 2023
12:00-12:25 Safe use of postoperative opioids Dr Jane Quinlan, Oxford
12:25-12:50 Pain management Dr Alan Fayaz, London
12:50-13:05 Discussion and Q&A
13:05-14:00 Lunch
  Session 3: Regional anaesthesia
14:00-14:25 Regional anaesthesia for trauma Dr Vassilis Athanassoglou, Oxford
14:25-14:50 Complexity in anaesthesia Dr Ahmed Elrefaey, Oxford
14:50-15:15 Fractured of neck of femur: Outcomes Dr Amy Mayor, Huddersfield
15:15-15:35 Discussion and Q&A
15:35-16:00 Break
  Session 4: Preoperative practice
16:00-16:25 CPET made easy Dr John Carlisle, Torbay
16:25-16:50 The 2022 guidelines on assessment of patients with cardiovascular disease Professor Pierre Foex, Oxford
16:50-17:05 Discussion and Q&A
17:05 Close and drinks reception


08:00-08:55 Registration
08:55-09:00 Introduction Dr Vassilis Athanassoglou, Oxford
  Session 1: Brain and lung
09:00-09:25 Sleep apnoea: What if undiagnosed? Dr Sara McDouall, Reading
09:25-09:50 How to prepare a patient with COPD Professor Mona Bafadhel, London
09:50-10:15 The patient with pulmonary hypertension on your list Dr Ruth Newton, Sheffield
10:15-10:35 Discussion and Q&A
10:35-11:00 Break
  Session 2: The cardiac patient
11:00-11:25 Gas induction in the adult Professor Anil Patel, London
11:25-11:50 Elective surgery: when to anaesthetise after a major cardiac event? Professor Pierre Foex, Oxford
11:50-12:15 Concerns about arrhythmias Dr Matthew Ginks, Oxford
12:15-12:35 Discussion and Q&A
12:35-13:30 Lunch
  Session 3: Pregnancy and other challenges
13:30-13:55 Controversies in obstetrics Dr Mary Mushambi, Leicester
13:55-14:20 Lessons of the confidential enquiry Dr Seema Quasim, Coventry
14:20-14:45 DOAC and the risk of perioperative bleeding Dr Lara Roberts, London
14:45-15:05 Discussion and Q&A
15:05-15:30 Break
  Session 4: Medical conditions and optimising the patient
15:30-15:55 Prehabilitation Dr Helen Anderson, Plymouth
15:55-16:20 The diabetic patient presenting for surgery Dr Simon Howell, Leeds
16:20-16:35 Discussion and Q&A
16:35 Close


08:00-08:55 Registration
08:55-09:00 Introduction Dr Vassilis Athanassoglou, Oxford
  Session 1: Safety of practice
09:00-09:25 TIVA: Safe practice Professor Anthony Absalom, Groningen, Netherlands
09:25-09:50 Implementation of early preoperative screening and optimisation Professor Ramani Moonesinghe, London
09:50-10:15 Paediatric anaesthesia for non-specialists Dr Tim Wittington, Oxford
10:15-10:35 Discussion and Q&A
10:35-11:00 Break
  Session 2: The extremes and their diffiiculties
11:00-11:25 The patient with obesity Dr Claire Nightingale, Amersham
11:25-11:50 Drug dosing in morbid obesity Dr Mike Margarson, Chichester
11:50-12:15 The difficult back Dr David Pappin, Torbay
12:15-12:35 Discussion and Q&A
12:35-13:30 Lunch
  Session 3: Operative and perioperative medicine
13:30-13:55 What can we expect from NAP7?  Dr Emira Kursumovic, Bath
13:55-14:20 Preventing renal failure: Can we protect the kidneys? Dr Nicoletta Fossati, London
14:20-14:45 Emergency abdominal aortic aneurysm Dr Nicholas Wisely, Manchester
14:45-15:05 Discussion and Q&A
15:05 Close



Anaesthetic Updates pricing 3 days 2022-23


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