Selection and appointment of FRCA examiners regulations

Published: 31/07/2019

8. Adjustments to examining commitments

8.1 Flexible working:

The RCoA is happy to consider applications from FRCA examiners who wish to work on a ‘flexible’ basis provided they have legitimate reasons to do so (see 8.1b). Applications to move to flexible working must normally be received by the Chair of the relevant examination, no later than October each year, with the intention to approve flexible working at the commencement of the following academic year. Newly appointed examiners cannot carry out flexible working during their first (probationary) year. However, they may make an application at the midway point of their first year to commence flexible working at the beginning of their second year.

a. The minimum commitment for an examiner who has been approved flexible working is:
Primary: 3 x 3 day examining commitment per academic year (9 days)
Final: 2 x 3 day examining and 2 x SAQ/CRQ standard checking days (8 days)
b. Flexible working applications should meet one or more of the following legitimate reasons; category 1 applicants will be given priority over category 2 applicants:

Category 1:
• Disability
• Ill health
• Responsibility for caring for children
• Primary carer for ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependent

Category 2:
• Unique opportunities for own personal/professional development
• Short term extraordinary responsibility

Other well-founded reasons may be considered but will be dependent on the particular circumstances of the individual applicant.

c. Flexible working is not an automatic right and may be declined by the chair. When considering applications the chair will take into account the operational requirements of the examination as a whole, the number of examiners already working a flexible routine and the individual circumstances of the applicant concerned. Flexible working will not extend the length of examinership. Flexible working appointments will be subject to annual review

8.2 Examining on a less than full-time basis:

The RCoA is currently trialling a ‘flexible working’ system, see section 8.1. In the majority of cases, flexible working will meet the requirements of examiners who are experiencing commitment issues in respect to the legitimate reason categories listed at sub-paragraph 8.1b. However, it is acknowledged that some examiners who meet category 1 circumstances are still not able to meet the commitment of a flexible working examiner. Where this is the case, such examiners should discuss the details of their circumstances with the chair of the relevant examination. If the chair considers the circumstances warrant the consideration of reducing examiner commitment further than flexible working allows, then the matter will be forwarded to the examinations committee for their consideration. Each application will be judged on its own merit but the over-riding consideration will be the staffing requirements of the relevant examinations. Any changes agreed to the commitment required will not extend examinership. The terms of the reduced commitment agreed by the examinations committee will be reviewed annually.