Selection and appointment of FRCA examiners regulations

Published: 31/07/2019

6. Examiner Review

6.1 Probationary Year:

New examiners shall initially be appointed for a probationary year (including a minimum of two examinations) the Chair of the relevant board shall assess each examiner’s performance and recommend to the Committee that the examiner should:
a. be confirmed in appointment;
b. continue as a probationer for a specified period; or
c. not be confirmed in his/her appointment.

6.2 Final Examiners:

At the end of their first year of examining in the Final FRCA examination the Chair of Final Examiners shall review the performance of examiners new to the Final FRCA and recommend to the Committee whether or not their appointment should be confirmed.

6.3 Routine Review:

At the end of every academic year the Committee shall review the performance of all examiners. Examiners whose performance is considered to be unsatisfactory may be:
a. reviewed again after a further period determined by the Committee, possibly with a requirement for further training;
b. asked to resign; or
c. dismissed in accordance with the Regulations for the Removal of College Officer Holders