CT3 equivalent training guidance

Published: 31/03/2021

Intensive Care

Stage learning outcome

  • Provides safe and effective care for critically ill patients under close supervision

Experience and learning requirements

  • A total of six months experience in Intensive Care Medicine is required. If only three months has been completed then a further three months will be needed. If extra time has been spent in ICU because of COVID then this experience can be counted where appropriately evidenced, as can some of the experience gained in a PICU job.
  • the capabilities include recognition and initial management of the acutely ill child. This experience may be gained on a suitable resuscitation course

Examples of evidence

  • Supervised Learning events (SLEs) from experience in ICU demonstrating achievement of FICM capability levels
  • 2010 Curriculum intermediate level competences, if signed off by the ICM faculty tutor, will be acceptable evidence
  • recognition of the acutely ill child and initial management of paediatric emergencies at capability level 1 may be evidenced by simulation training