Stage 1 equivalent training guidance

Published: 31/03/2021

General Anaesthesia

Stage learning outcome

  • Provides safe and effective general anaesthesia with distant supervision for ASA 1-3 patients undergoing non-complex elective and emergency surgery within a general theatre setting

Experience and learning requirements

  • Experience in elective and emergency surgery of more complex ASA 3 patients including those who are obese, frail or elderly (supervision level 2b).
  • Additional on call experience in obstetrics including the management of ASA 3 parturients (supervision level 3).
  • Paediatric experience and ability to anaesthetise children over five for non-complex surgery with the supervisor in theatre suite, available to guide aspects of activity through monitoring at regular intervals (supervision level 2a).
  • Some experience with TIVA at supervision level 2a.

Examples of evidence

  • Supervised Learning events (SLEs) across a range of surgical specialties and obstetrics including more complex ASA 3 patients, obese, frail and elderly, obstetrics and paediatrics
  • Use of TIVA.