2021 Curriculum learning syllabus: stage 2

Published: 09/02/2021

Team Working

Stage learning outcome

  • Demonstrates safe and effective followership and leadership in clinical teams

Key capabilities


Provides assistance and leadership to less experienced colleagues


Recognises their own leadership style and how it may impact on others


Analyses and reflects on decision making, and explains this to others


Promotes and effectively participates in multidisciplinary and inter-professional team working


Applies teamworking skills to effectively manage complex dynamic situations

Examples of evidence

Experience & logbook:

  • range of surgical specialties and patient groups in theatre setting, obstetrics, pre-operative assessment clinics and Intensive Care Unit.
Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) can be used to demonstrate:
  • supervision of more junior anaesthetists in training out of hours
  • ability to lead resuscitation teams in the clinical setting
  • leadership and management of theatre teams (ALMAT)
  • decision making in clinical management of cases in theatre, etc.
Personal Activities and Personal Reflections may include:
  • completion of resuscitation courses
  • simulation training
  • being part of simulation course faculty
  • reflection on constructive feedback given to colleague
  • portfolio evidence of personal development plans and regular meetings with educational supervisors.
Other evidence:
  • satisfactory MSF.

Cross links with other domains and capabilities

  • Safety and Quality Improvement

  • Resuscitation and Transfer

  • all specialty-specific domains.