2021 Curriculum learning syllabus: stage 2

Published: 09/02/2021

Research and Managing Data

Stage learning outcome

  • Is research ready:
    • Develops critical appraisal skills; gains a broader understanding of data management and research methodology; communicates research evidence to patients and colleagues in a meaningful way

Key capabilities


Assesses the quality of research and its place in the literature when considering changes to practice


Can communicate to patients, the public and colleagues the strengths and limitations of evidence underlying anaesthetic and perioperative practice


Develops the ability to critically appraise published literature


Describes key approaches to improving patient outcomes through research including: clinical trials, stratified medicine, genomics, informatics, qualitative techniques, systematic review and meta-analysis, health services research


Explains the details of data protection in research


Describes the key components of research and its governance with emphasis on ethical considerations and ethics committees, translation into practice and the roles of Trust and University research and development departments


Applies a variety of statistical techniques used in research and understands their strengths and limitations

Examples of evidence

Supervised Learning Events (SLEs) can be used to demonstrate:
  • use of evidence-based national or local guidelines
  • accessing and interpreting evidence from the literature (CBD)
Personal Activities and Personal Reflections may include:
  • involvement in data collection as part of a local, regional or national study
  • critical appraisal of journal article for example at a journal club meeting
  • presentation of poster or paper at a regional or national meeting
  • involvement in developing local guidelines
  • appropriate use of statistics when contemplating research projects
  • participation in trainee research network activities
  • GCP certificate completion
  • courses: research methodology, information governance

Cross links with other domains and capabilities

  • Safety and Quality Improvement