Frequently Asked Questions

Here are responses to FAQs regarding Lifelong Learning, CPD and the Logbook

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Use of the platform

The Platform is available to anyone who is a member of the College and wishes to log progression against the anaesthetic curriculum. This includes MTI, SAS, and Clinical Fellows.

Access to the platform is a benefit of membership and is part of your membership subscription.

Due to new regulations on how data is handled, we will need the individual to get in touch with us directly by filling in our access form and sending it to directly.

The Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report (ESSR) allows the panel to review what an anaesthetist in training has done over the review period. Panel members will also be able to review the user’s progress by accessing the ‘review curriculum’ page from within the form.

All certificates are on the new system as electronic forms and users will be able to access this via milestones and certificates.

Yes, via personal activities, however, you will need to add supporting documents. Supporting documents can be added In one of the following formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, CSV, RTF, JPG, PNG.

The competences are an important aspect of the 2010 curriculum and its inclusion is based on suggestions from users. There is no requirement to get all competences (within a unit) linked.

The ACCS curriculum will includes the following: common competencies, major presentations, acute presentations and core anaesthesia. It is important to keep in mind that we are only supporting ACCS anaesthesia doctors. Each module within the above stages will split into competence (just like the anaesthetic curriculum) and the user can link to these.

The benefit of using the logbook within the Lifelong Learning platform is that this works seamlessly with the other ‘e-Portfolio’ features. This means that the CUT form and ESSR automatically pull in information and allow the trainer to query the logbook further when signing off these forms. Therefore, we would recommend that trainees use the logbook features of the new system.

We have leads for each region who have been closely involved in the development of the platform. Click here to find out who the lead is in your region.

The Lifelong Learning platform has been designed to be responsive to mobile devices, meaning that it will adjust to fit to the device screen in the same way as how an app works. To benefit from this you will need to save it as a shortcut to your device home screen and this will then enable you to access it from here and to have the same functionality as an app.


In this situation you should check if all of your CPD activities have been given an end date as well as a start date. If they don't have an end date then the system will assume that they are still active as of today and will include them in the activity report even if they started/took place at a time outside of the date range which you have filtered by.

No, you do not have to document all your learning activities, but you do need to document enough to give assurance that you are keeping up-to-date in the work that you are doing. We recommend that you focus on the quality not quantity of your supporting information. You should be selective about documenting your reflection on your most valuable and meaningful learning, over the course of the year. If you find it convenient and helpful to record extensively all of your CPD for your own benefit to capture your learning then that is your choice, but your appraiser will focus on the quality of your learning and reflection.

Yes, a range of guidance including YouTube user videos has been developed and is available here.

Based on member feedback over an extensive period of time, the CPD Matrix has been discontinued and does not appear in the Lifelong Learning platform. Instead this presents a much better and more flexible way for CPD Learners to structure and plan their activities and this was explained further in the July 2019 edition of the College Bulletin.

This functionality is not currently available but CPD Learners can generate a PDF of their CPD activity report for presentation at their appraisal. In the limited number of cases where users of the Lifelong Learning platform choose to have both a Learner and a CPD Learner role, their CPD activities will be visible in the "Recent Activity" box to regional administrators and supervisors associated with their Deanery. This is expected behaviour and it is connected with the Learner role.

Event providers will be able to make an online application for CPD accreditation with accredited events being searchable in the Lifelong Learning Platform. For CPD Learners this means that most of the event information is already pre-populated (e.g. the aims and learning outcomes) and it is only necessary to add reflection in order for the event to appear in the CPD activity report.

CPD access (via the "Learning tab") is now available in the Lifelong Learning platform for all previous users of the CPD Online Diary. Anaesthetist in Training users of the Lifelong Learning platform will be notified when they become eligible to use the CPD features. If your account does not feature CPD access and you feel that it should, please contact

Some of the enhancements include that CPD Learners can link activities and events to the Good Medical Practice Domains and the Domains for Medical Educators. A PDF report of the CPD Learner’s completed CPD activities plus reflection will continue to be available to evidence this supporting information requirement and the CPD Learner can customise the date range for this report and what appears in it. CPD Learners can also add ‘real time’ reflection whilst attending a CPD-accredited event instead of needing to wait until the event’s conclusion to do this.