Exam chair reports

Examinations Chair’s annual exam summary reports

At the beginning of November each year the Chairs of the Primary and Final examinations submit an annual summary report for their respective examinations. These documents review the performance of Primary and Final exams conducted throughout the previous academic year. It is intended that these annual reports will be of value to examiners, the GMC, trainers, trainees, other College departments and the public in general.

Therefore to ensure they are available to all interested parties a copy of the Primary and Final reports will be displayed on related downloads (see below) for a maximum of three years. Future reports will be made available in the autumn following each academic year.

Primary Review 2022-2023
Final Review 2022-2023

Primary Review 2021-2022
Final Review 2021-2022

Primary Review 2018 - 2019
Final Review 2018 - 2019

Primary Review 2017-2018
Final Review 2017-2018

Primary Review 2016-2017
Final Review 2016-2017