RCoA urges Government to consider impact of pay deal

Published: 04/08/2022

“We are concerned that the exclusion from the Government’s proposed pay deal of doctors in training in England and SAS doctors on the reformed contract may exacerbate the NHS staffing crisis at a time when the workforce is already tired and demoralised.

The medical workforce is under incredible pressure from staffing shortages – including a shortfall of at least 1,400 anaesthetists, compounded by ongoing Covid and other sickness related absences, which are fuelling unsustainable workloads.  The recent GMC training survey showed that one third of anaesthetists in training and a quarter of trainers report high or very high levels of burnout. Pension taxation is also hitting doctors with large and often unpredictable tax bills, which in some cases mean they lose money by working longer hours.

This all comes on top of having to deal with the biggest health emergency of the modern era. During the pandemic, doctors - including anaesthetists - were on the front line of the Covid-19 response. Without their skill, dedication and hard work, the health service simply could not have coped with the dramatic influx of cases

The NHS is now having to deal with a record backlog of patients. If this is to be tackled and patient safety protected, it is vital that medical staff feel valued and supported – inevitably, part of that comes down to pay.

While pay negotiations are the remit of the BMA and other unions, we urge the Government to take heed of the points we have raised above.”

Dr Fiona Donald


Dr Russell Perkins 

Vice President

Professor William Harrop-Griffiths

Vice President