Information for trainees applying for anaesthesia training posts in 2021

COVID 19 has presented many challenges to  us over the last few months. Following the cancellation of recruitment in March 2020, it was very clear that we needed to change the way we delivered recruitment for both CT1 and ST3 in an extremely short time period. To keep our trainees and potential anaesthesia applicants up to date we have put together a number of short presentations on the ‘changed ‘ process.

CT1 recruitment 

The College have produced a short presentation to familiarise trainees with the format of the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA). All applicants for the forthcoming CT1 recruitment round are strongly advised to access this presentation which contains useful advice to prepare for this assessment. Scores from the MSRA will be used for shortlisting applicants to available interview slots and will contribute to 15% of the overall selection score in this recruitment round.

ST3 Recruitment

Please watch the following on the ST3 online portfolio verification by Dr Caroline Evans from the Recruitment Advisory Group explaining how to upload your portfolio and maximise your scoring opportunities.