TestReach tutorials for all candidates

TestReach has provided three types of tutorials for candidates who wish to view the system prior to receiving a personal log in three weeks before the scheduled exam date. 

To start the tutorial, type https://app.testreach.com/ in your browser and log in with the credentials for your chosen stylesheet.  

Candidates are permitted to use the onscreen calculator in this examination. This is shown in the stylesheet for candidates with reasonable adjustments. 

For more information on remote invigilation visit TestReach.

Standard tutorial (for candidates without reasonable adjustments)

The examination will appear in TestReach's Fixed canvas; the standard canvas for MCQ examinations. You cannot highlight or annotate in this canvas.  The online notepad and calculator are additional features and therefore do not appear in the generic tutorial but will be available in the live examination.  To find out what the notepad and calculator will look like, please access the tutorials for candidates with reasonable adjustments.

1. Username: rcoacandidate@testreach.com

Password: rcoa2020

Tutorials for candidates with reasonable adjustments

Stylesheets 2 and 3 are only available to candidates who requested on booking the specific reasonable adjustments stated for each stylesheet and received written agreement by the College for those adjustments. These stylesheets support reading on screen by allowing candidates to zoom in on questions by adjusting the panel size and to highlight and annotate text.

The tutorials show the stylesheets in a user interface called the Flex canvas. These stylesheets can be applied to the user interface in the Standard Tutorial but you will not be able to zoom, highlight or annotate. 


2. Tutorial on the stylesheet for candidates with dyslexia:

Username: rcoacandidatedx@testreach.com

Password: rcoa2020


3. Tutorial on the stylesheet for candidates with low vision:

Username: rcoacandidatelv@testreach.com

Password: rcoa2020