Obituary - Dr Meena Sharma

Dr Meena Sharma

1952 to 2004

The sudden and tragic death of Dr Meena sharma aged 52 shocked all who knew her. She passed away on 23 August 2004 suddenly while visiting Gwalior, India for her holidays and volunteering for charity hospitals.

Dr Sharma was born in Jabalpur on 24 March 1952 to renowned educationist Professor R P Pandey and Lily Pandey, RIP. After completing her schooling and medical studies in Jabalpur, she married Dr B K Sharma in 1975 and moved to Gwalior, where she gained an MD in anaesthesiology in 1977. Dr Sharma built on her education and experience in Gwalior, Bombay and England. She also gained the further qualifications of DA and MRCA whilst in England. Until her death, Dr Sharma worked in the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals.

In addition to her academic and professional accolades, Dr Sharma was co-founder of Gwalior Children's Hospital Charities along with her husband. The organisations were founded in 1993 with the aim of improving conditions for the poor, disabled and destitute, especially children, women and the elderly of the Gwalior and Chambal region in India. Further details are available viat the website on

Dr Sharma was in India fulfilling these aims at the time of her death and had continued to support this work throughout by providing time, effort and money at the expense of personal and family comforts undergoing all the hardships without any regrets.

It is difficult to find comfort in a situation like this, however with the commendable work that she did for her patients, for Gwalior Children's Hospital Charities, for her family and friends; Dr Meena Sharma's spirit will live on, especially in the lives of the people she touched and in those who learnt from her. There will remain sadness at her death, happiness in many memories, and a share of the inspiration that she so generously gave to all with whom she lived and worked.

Dr B K Sharma, Gwalior Children's Hospital Charity, India.