Obituary - Dr Louis Hamilton

1925 to 2007

Louis arrived in Derby about 1964 as a somewhat mature, experienced, effective SHMO anaesthetist. Everyone liked him and we Consultants bullied him into reluctantly taking FFARCS, where he was examined mostly by his juniors who showed him great respect. He subsequently became Consultant and worked happily with us all until he retired in 1978.

He took on the most difficult neuro-anaesthesia as well as general work, in his somewhat laid-back, idiosyncratic style of which he was acutely aware. This led to some reluctance to teach juniors, but he displayed great acumen in keeping his patients alive and well.

Personally he was an invariably courteous, witty and erudite colleague shunning any conflict with others. His great passion in life was the collection of antiques. The large Victorian house where he lived alone soon became inadequate for this purpose (every door had at least four pictures hung on both sides), so he bought another large house and stuffed that one full, too; every room, cupboard and drawer filled to capacity and a garden full of statues!

He retired after providing DRI with years of invaluable service. and all the staff there with the great pleasure of his company. He lived quietly in Derby for nearly 30 years more, enjoying a well-deserved retirement after a career of providing a wonderful service to the DRI.

Dr Brian Kay