Recruitment Round 3 for February 2023 starts- Simulated Interview Preparation videos CT1/ACCS (Anaesthetics) and ST4

Published: 11/08/2022

The RCoA Recruitment Committee with help from experienced interviewers and trainee volunteers has produced simulated interviews for both Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) and ST4. We are reposting the videos on how to prepare for the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) and the Anaesthetics CT1/ACCS (Anaesthetics) Interview. The interview structure has had some minor changes made to the content, but these broadly cover how to prepare and answer questions. The scoring matrices for interview can be found on the ANRO website with the domains assessed.

The College advises anyone preparing for this recruitment round to take a look.

We would like to thank the Trainers and Trainees for their time in participating in these important recruitment videos.