Pride Month message from the College

Published: 12/06/2020

Anaesthesia has always been a specialty welcoming and celebrating diversity. The College wishes everyone an enjoyable Pride Month, and particularly our LGBTQ+ members and fellows.

Council Member Dr Helgi Johannsson shares a personal message on diversity and inclusivity within the specialty:

"All the way through my medical studies I had the impression that anaesthetists were calm, cool and open-minded doctors. I always felt welcomed by them as a student, and it was obvious that there was a culture of tolerance and acceptance within the specialty. When I came out in 1998 these considerations were definitely a factor in my decision to change specialties and become an anaesthetist. In the last 22 years the general atmosphere is very different and it constantly surprises me how open and accepting people in the UK are. I am still extremely proud of my specialty for being in the forefront of these changes, but we must never become complacent or accept inequality just because 'it’s better here than somewhere else'. We must never forget our history, or how far we have come, but we must always protect what we have, and work to remove inequality where we can. It is with these thoughts in mind that I want to wish you all a very happy Pride Month."