Preparing for the Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) Interview

Published: 13/01/2022

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has produced a video presentation offering useful advice on how to prepare for the Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) Interview.  Dr Gabrielle McGrath an anaesthetic CT1 at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust gives a brief overview of the interview structure, interview scoring, examples of possible questions and tips to improve performance.  The College strongly advises anyone preparing for the Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) interview to take a look.

Please be aware that the timings referred to in the video are not current - Anaesthetists in Training should refer to the ANRO website for the current recruitment timeline and dates.

Those viewing the video should also note that at the time this presentation was created it was not clear whether there would be two or three interviewers – The College understands that it is highly likely there will be two interviewers only.

Thank you to Dr Gabrielle McGrath for this helpful and insightful presentation.