#CallMe – addressing patients by their preferred names

Published: 14/09/2021

Patients in Worcestershire’s hospitals now have a clear and easy way of indicating their preferred name to hospital staff, thanks to the introduction of a new project aimed at improving patient experience. The simple #CallMe initiative will see an additional section added to patient’s hospital identification wrist bracelets and name stickers, which can be completed with their preferred name and/or title. This simple cost neutral project has been shortlisted for a 2021 BMJ Innovation Digital Award.

The #CallMe project was spearheaded by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr Michael McCabe. Dr McCabe said:

“The introduction of #CallMe is very simple, but it’s really important. We hope that it will give comfort and reassurance to patients that we respect their identity by addressing them with their preferred name and not assuming that they are most comfortable using their formal birth forename.

“During a vulnerable time, patients and family will be reassured that they are addressed in the way that they choose. Whilst the elderly may wish to be addressed formally, others may use a middle name, an abbreviation or even a separate name not necessarily a part of their formal identification data.”

Ensuring we are communicating with our patients using their preferred name is a valuable step in providing person-centred patient care and helps develop a strong relationship with patients. For more details and guidance go to the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals website.