Heritage Series Episode 5: The Power of Observation

Welcome to The Power of Observation podcast.  This is the fifth episode in a series of podcasts devised by the RCoA Heritage and Archive Committee, to look at the history of the College and the history of anaesthesia.

In this episode Council Member Sarah Ramsay talks to retired Consultant Anaesthetist Simon Chadwick about how our perception of observation has changed over several generations of anaesthetists and how a trip to an art gallery can enhance our skills.

(This episode was recorded on 26 March 2024)

The Power of Observation podcast has been recorded to complement an article of the same name, Dr Chadwick has written for the April 2024 issue of the College Bulletin. You can access the article here.

Dr Innes Simon Chadwick

Simon ia a former Consultant Anaesthetist from North Manchester.   He has interests in vascular anaesthesia and obstetrics.  He was a College Tutor for Anaesthesia and ACCS and an RCoA Examiner. Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2016, he took an early ill health retirement.

He then signed up to a part time Masters in Medical History and Humanities at Manchester University.  The  course covered the representation of illness in literature and art which ignited his interest in this topic.

Dr Sarah Ramsay

Dr Sarah Ramsay works in Glasgow as a consultant in Anaesthesia and ICM and recognises the value of cohesion between her specialties. She has recently finished a three term as the Chair of the RCoA Scottish Board and continues to sit on the Scottish Board.  She is a current member of Council and Chair's the RCoA Finance Board.

Sarah also has experience of working on national bodies, having been Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Intensive Care Society and more recently Honorary Secretary of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland, which is building important links between medical specialties and key senior figures in Scottish healthcare. 

Sarah's passion is to provide a strong voice for Scottish Fellows and Members and to ensure that the similarities, and differences, met across the UK in the broad specialty of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine are effectively represented.

Dr Anna Maria Rollin MBE
Chair, RCoA Heritiage and Archives Committee

Maria worked in the NHS throughout her professional career and spent 34 years as a consultant anaesthetist at Epsom General Hospital.  

She was a Member of Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, and ultimately Senior Vice-President. Thereafter, she held the post of Clinical Quality Adviser to the College. She is currently Chair of the Heritage and Archives Committee at the College. 

She has always had an interest in patient information and patient safety, and worked as a GMC Associate until 2022. 

Most of her publications have been concerned with standard setting, quality assurance and safety and she is the author or co-author of several national guidelines.  

You can find find a copy of Dr Simon Chadwick's notes to accompany the podcast here.

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