RCoA and RA-UK joint webinar: BLOCKS FOR THE MANY (not just the few)

This webinar was joint with RA-UK , with contribution from BADS

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many anaesthetists to consider using regional anaesthesia in place of general anaesthesia. The Royal College of Anaesthetists has teamed up with Regional Anaesthesia UK to present a webinar that focuses on the practical aspects of using simple, safe and effective regional anaesthetic techniques in routine anaesthetic practice: the “Plan A” blocks.

We would like to thank our sponsors Allscripts and Medtronic for supporting this webinar. 


    Dr Amit Pawa - Trunk blocks presentation 

    Plan A - RAUK and BBRAUN handout



    • Prof William  Harrop-Griffiths
    • Dr Alan MacFarlane                                                                                             


    • Dr Maria Paz Sebastian                
    • Dr Lloyd Turbitt                                          
    • Dr Amit Pawa                  
    • Dr Kim Russon 

    This webinar was recorded on 10 November 2020